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There probably isn’t a gambler that never tried playing a slot or two — these are a rising trend these days, with certain online NZ casinos offering hundreds and hundreds to choose from. Even though online casinos offer the same exciting choice of games and possibilities as any land-based casino anywhere in the world, slot machines remain everyone’s favorite. There is just something about the simplicity of pulling the virtual lever or pressing the button and holding your breath hoping you will hit the jackpot.

And even though there is always the fun part of New Zealand gambling where luck plays the key role, many players wonder how to beat the casino playing their favorite slots. The sad truth is that slot machines offer virtually unchanging odds, payout ratio and hit frequency due to the fact they use random number generators and are programmed to behave a certain way. And while playing slot machines might not require predictive algorithms, it is important to understand the basics of gambling math before you play any of the games available at the casino of your choice.

Main mistakes playing slots

By understanding the basic concept of how slots essentially work you’ll be able to win more and lose less. The random number generation process is now used both in slots at land-based casinos and online ones, with all the action happening on a computer chip. The same process drives any other machines found at modern casinos — including poker machines, keno machines and so on.

The game in general and the outcome of every pull become unpredictable as the RNG produces a set of random numbers that are later expressed in a specific format applicable to the game. As a result there is no need for the casino to rig a slot in order to clean up, as they have math working on their side and making sure they have the advantage in the long run. The bad news to players planning a strategy is that no slots running on the RNG react to how much you’ve won or lost before or how much money you have, or whether you made a new deposit recently, as these things are completely separate and totally unrelated.

A curious fact is that slots with high hit frequency (the frequency of a winning combination showing on the machine), are not always the ones to go for. It has to do with the fact that the RNG generates number combinations at an astonishing speed, with a winning combination coming up quite often. However mathematically speaking the chances of hitting the jackpot are roughly 27,000 to 1, making it nearly impossible for the player to know the exact moment when to press the spin button to catch a winning combination generated and communicated to the slot. Slots with lower hit frequency, on the other hand, offer much more generous payouts.

To sum up, when playing slots online, you shouldn’t rely on the outdated concepts of «hot streaks» and «dry patches», or go for the most obvious choices, as they might not be the best ones after all.

How to win playing slots?

Players choosing which slot to play often consider the payback rate, which reflects the percentage the machine pays to those using it. Basically it describes the percentage of money the slot will pay out of the amount it received from the players before. Slots with high hit frequency are referred to as «loose», as they are potentially more generous than the rest. At the same time the amounts to be won in «loose» machines are not particularly high to compensate for the above-mentioned generosity.

Slots with lower hit frequency are referred to as «tight» machines and, as you probably guessed, their payout rate is usually higher than that of the «loose» slots. In terms of successfully choosing the right slot to play, it makes more sense to play a «tight» slot with lower hit frequency because it offers s higher payback percentage.

The number of pay lines in the slot game is one of the things players often look for. The reason why the number of pay lines is considered an important criterion is more of them mean more ways you can win in a single pull.

It also makes sense to try various slots before you set your mind on one of them. Sometimes a certain slot just doesn’t feel like your kind of game, in which case you should go ahead and choose another one. Thankfully there is a great choice of amazing slots by world-famous providers offering incredible mechanics and special effects on top of impressive payout percentage, so finding the pool of slots you would like to try should not be a problem any point.

Devising a slot betting strategy

The most important thing to keep in mind is that essentially online slots are a classic example of a game of chance, with each spin being totally random. As a result there is no solid and 100% reliable strategy that can be used to influence the outcome of every game. Unlike games of skill there is no calculation, as the random number generator is used in every single slot out there, rendering those useless. However, there are slots that you can choose to increase your chances of winning (although surely enough you can’t do without some luck).

Before playing a new slot is a good idea to do some research online and read reviews to find out which options you will have available, as well as to understand the mechanics. It’s a well-known fact that some slots are more likely to pay out than others, boosting your chances by offering bonuses, free spins and quite curious lucrative mechanics that allow you to cash out at most unexpected moments. Learning that will help you employ the most efficient strategy that will help you curb your losses and keep the money you win. The most common generic strategies will work — including the progression strategy (positive or negative), the Martingale strategy and so on. However, you might choose to devise your own or use a combination of several.

Always make sure to keep track of your bankroll and keep building it up. The strategy involves betting on the minimum and keeping it up until you bankroll is nicely built. You can increase your bets at that point, but make sure you always stay in control over your bankroll until it’s big enough to make riskier bets that promise much higher returns.

It’s also a good idea to start familiarizing yourself with the slot machines starting from the simplest three reel varieties, later getting into more advanced one. In other words you have to be totally comfortable playing and understand the mechanics to work out a good strategy. The great thing about more advanced games when you move on to those is that they often have bonus rounds and special features that yield more winnings than any other regular slots. Once again, you have to understand how it works and how to activate the bonus round, as this is the right moment to take full advantage of it and get more winnings out your bankroll.

Although not a strategy per se, it’s highly recommended to be morally prepared to lose. There is a reason why casinos confidently offer slot machines with payout percentages nearing a hundred. Mathematically the longer you play, the closer you get to the predicted payout percentage, which means for a machine with 97% payout for every $100 you bet you lose $97, strategy or no strategy.

To sum up, it’s virtually impossible to win big playing online slots if this is your unlucky day no matter which strategies and approaches you’re using. And yet it’s important to stay collected no matter what and stick to your bankroll management plan. One of the key moments is knowing when to stop — it’s always best to decide on that in advance and follow your plan no matter what.


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