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Mobile Casinos in Canada


The Best Mobile Online Casinos in Canada

Gambling is really a new world, the world of passion, emotions, luxury, breathtaking experience, struggle for winning. It is a rescue from the monotony and the beaten track of our everyday life. Of course, not everyone can afford going to another country just for pleasure of gambling.

But we have some good news: now you can visit the best Canadian casinos staying at the same time at home. Do you think it is a paradox? Not at all. The widespread world of gambling is in your hands!

Online mobile casinos open their doors for you. About 5 billion inhabitants have smartphones, and, certainly, you are one of them. So why not to use your gadget for entertainment? Moreover, if you are lucky, you’ll be able to earn some money.

Here you will learn the main things about the well-known casinos. We’ll try to tell you about:

  • casinos that deserve attention;
  • the banking options that are often used;
  • the choice of a proper device, etc.

So, let us learn more about mobile online casinos in Canada.

What Should You Take Into Account Before Beginning to Play?

Online gambling market is constantly developing. That is why mobile casinos spout up like mushrooms, and it is very important to choose only the best and trustworthy ones. A great amount of websites offer their services but sometimes it is difficult to make your choice.

Here are some things that you must pay attention to:

  • Site speed. When the site takes a lot of time to load you won’t be able to enjoy the game to the full. If you have to wait more than several seconds better choose another one.
  • User interface. It must be simple, understandable and user-friendly. If you can easily make a deposit, find necessary sections, if everything is clear – it means that the organization is responsible and it invests money into the development of its website.
  • Safety and security. These issues are the main for all the players. What should you check at first? Of course, whether the casino has a license that is given by at least one of the reliable and reputable licensing institutions: Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance (eGOGRA). Furthermore, the 128-bit SSL encryption should be used by the provider. It guarantees the safety and security of personal data and its protection from cyber attacks. Besides, the activity of any casino should be regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It means that the casino explains what information you must give and where and how it is possible to be shared. The casinos that are listed below fulfill all necessary requirements, and playing there is completely safe.
  • Compatibility with any device. Just remember to check that the application will work correctly on your device.
  • Well-known software provider. Make sure that the games are powered by a trustworthy organization.
  • Support that is always available. It’s even better if the staff speaks several languages.
  • Number of bonuses. We offer to study carefully the promotions page. If you see that there is not enough information for you there, don’t hesitate to ask questions about rewards, deposit matches, welcome bonuses, entering VIP programs, etc.
  • Selection of games. There must be both well-known games and new ones. Pay attention to the information about the game updates. If you prefer certain games, check their availability on the site.
  • Banking options. It is more comfortable when a casino offers plenty of methods for withdrawal and deposit. Also the period of getting your money is important. Don’t forget that banking methods must be available in your country. Read carefully the page about terms and conditions.

Pluses of Mobile Online Casinos

Nowadays modern technologies capture the gambling market. The majority of people prefer to use their phones, because it is quick, comfortable and one doesn’t depend on a certain place or area. So, the leading providers have to work out new ideas and concepts if they would like to satisfy the customers’ demand.

Thus, we can single out the following benefits of online mobile casinos.

You have access to them at any time. All you need is a device that supports mobile versions of casinos and a good internet connection. You have no limits because you may spend there as much time as you wish: the casino won’t close or you won’t have to hurry home.

Moreover, you’ll be able to play when you have free time and at any place you wish: standing in the line, going somewhere by any means of transport, staying at home. No restrictions – it isn’t bad, is it?

A variety of games. Firstly, a lot of free slots are available. Secondly, mobile casinos usually offer unique and new games, so there will be a great field of exploration.

Convenient payments. E-Wallets and mobile banking makes withdrawal and deposit options easy and quick.

Control and convenience. Some apps give a possibility of making a controlled setting so you can define your limits of money yourself. Or you can found a special account only for gambling with a certain sum of money. Thus, you won’t spend more money than it is necessary.

Support round-the-clock. All your problems will be solved immediately.

Safety. Security – that is the main thing the leading game companies pay attention to. You may be sure that all the information is protected.

On the whole, you have everything in one device: access to a great variety of games, the possibility of playing whenever you wish and wherever you are, quick payments and support. All necessary services are in your hand!

Types of Online Mobile Casinos

Of course, casino websites are designed for the purpose of using them on any device. Game developers are successfully working on their further improvement and responsiveness, trying to make them convenient for all the players.

We are often asked what kind of gadgets are the best for playing online casino games. It practically doesn’t matter. You can use Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone – there is no difference, they are all compatible. Most of them are similar in use but there may be some varieties that depend on the type of your device.

Let’s speak about the main types of them.

Android. A lot of people use smartphones. The developers who support the game industry market optimized a great range of the most famous games, so they work correctly on Android. Usually it is possible to select the game you want using a special icon on the display. Access can be got from any browser. By the way, Android has a great number of apps worked out specifically for mobile casinos. So, experienced gamblers prefer to use this gadget. And one more thing – you will have to download applications only from the official site of the casino, otherwise you will play just for getting fun.

iPhone. These devices become more and more popular. Of course, software developers actively try to adapt mobile casino apps for them. Players have several options:

  • download a native application (if it is available for a certain casino);
  • use the instant game mode (the best choice if you want just to try or don’t have extra place on the phone);
  • download a free app from the Apple Store (the most common approach).

iPad. Some people prefer such devices because they are similar to computers when it comes to the configuration and the size of the screen. Besides, games are not adapted to iPads, they are designed for them, so their quality is great. Sometimes exclusive content for iPads is created: special games and bonuses.

Windows. Meanwhile the owners of Windows Phones are in a minority. That is why not all casinos have developed apps for such phones. But now the number of players using Windows is increasing, so the situation is changing.

Types of Games That Mobile Online Casinos Offer

The most popular casino games always have mobile versions, and you have a great deal of choice. New mobile variants were created for some games that couldn’t work on mobile devices. What does it mean? You have got an upgraded version of the well-known game in your mobile phone! New features of your favourite game will please you, of course.

Now we will describe the most common games.

Blackjack. There is practically no difference between its desktop and mobile versions. The same rules, graphics, quality, types: European, SingleDeck, Vegas, etc. It is possible to start with a free version without investing money, for instance, if you are a beginner.

Roulette. Another classic game that is played all over the world. The mobile version gives you a choice: French, American or European roulette. You can play just for the sake of playing or depose some money (if you don’t use Android). So click on the icon and try your fate!

Poker. If you like this game, you will be pleased because its mobile version is faster, more interesting and breathtaking. The rules are the same. But if you are a beginner, you will have a chance to try hand at a trial or free game. And the presence of a live dealer will give you a feeling of a real casino atmosphere.

Slots. These games were created for playing on mobile phones, so they are adapted to fit their screens. That is why they are extremely popular both among newcomers and experienced gamblers. Casinos offer slots based on different cultural and historic events, unknown countries or fantastic universes.


While choosing a mobile online casino for playing, pay attention to the names of software providers. If these are the best and well-known game developers, you can be sure that the casino is worth visiting.

Let’s list several names:

  • Microgaming. It is the most famous game developer. Practically all the games are powered by it.
  • Novamatic. It is also on the top of the majority of tables.
  • Netent. Develops slots which are supposed to be the best ones.

We also can put into this list such names as Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, Red Tiger Gaming, Betsoft, Playtech, etc.

Banking Methods of Mobile Casinos

Usually mobile online casinos have lots of payment options available for their users, so you can easily choose the most suitable ones for you. But one of the main things you should pay attention to is how fast the payment will be completed. All the casinos should make sure that their players get money instantly. For that to be achieved all the banking options need to have this feature.

The second issue is that you need to be aware of how high the charges are. After all, nobody wants to pay money that you won’t even get back when you win.

When it comes to actual money it’s of the most importance to know that nothing will go wrong. So before making any payments you should read thoroughly about the banking methods and take into consideration all the advantages and flaws of the method you choose. Make sure that you select the payment option wisely!

Bonus System of Mobile Casinos

A lot of casinos try to attract new gamblers by making their games more available on mobile devices. One of their strategies is creating new rewards specially for smartphone users. However, those rewards differ in every casino. Some offer free spins, others – deposit matches. You can choose from a large variety of these bonuses offered by different casinos and decide what’s better for you.

New users usually make a mistake paying attention only to the size of the welcome bonus. Some casinos can make the welcome bonus very big to distract people from the fact that future offers will not be as good as this one. They want you to start playing immediately without reading the terms and conditions. That’s why you have to look up the information about a casino first and see what kind of offers it has.

Our Top of Online Mobile Casinos in Canada

Selecting an online casino is a hard and time-consuming task, because it has to be approached with consideration and responsibility. But don’t worry, we have done all the hard work for you! We have thoroughly checked all the casinos and chosen the most safe and profitable ones. Here are the 5 best casinos we recommend:

  • 21.com Casino. This casino is available on all devices, even on tablets. Play wherever you want without having to download an app! Big bonuses for all players and prizewinning jackpot slots will also be a pleasant surprise for you.
  • Playamo. If you prefer gambling on your phone, then this casino is for you! It is accessible from any browser you like, no matter on a desktop or smartphone. Moreover, mobile users get special bonuses, so don’t hesitate to try it!
  • Woo Casino. You don’t have enough space on your phone to download an app? Or your internet is slow? Well, Woo Casino loads quickly on all devices and doesn’t require anything to download. The mobile version has a simple design, so you won’t have any trouble using it!
  • Rocket. A mobile version with nice graphics and without connection problems – that’s the main advantage of this casino. And if you are a fan of slots, make sure to check out the large variety of them offered by this casino.
  • Tangiers. The mobile version of this casino is colourful and nice to look at. There is also an enormous selection of high-quality games which surely will not disappoint you!


Must I have a casino app on my phone for playing?

There are two options for mobile phone gamblers: you can either open the casino in a browser (if there is a phone version of the site) or you can download an app. Most of the websites though allow their users to play from any browser they like, but if you want to download an app you can always find it on the casino website of the app store on your phone. It’s difficult to determine which way is better because they both have their advantages and disadvantages. You should try all options and then pick the optimal one.

What’s the difference between mobile and desktop casinos?

There are no major differences between them other than mobile casinos being more suitable for travelling. Gambling websites offer the same things for their users on both desktop and mobile sites, but you can take your mobile online casino with you anywhere and play while you are waiting for someone or on a bus ride.

Will I still get various casino bonuses in that case?

As it was mentioned above, there are no big differences between playing on a mobile device or on a computer. In both situations the players will still get their perks and sometimes mobile gamblers get even more as in some casinos the phone casino bonus is bigger.

Is it possible to make deposits directly from my phone?

By all means it is possible. Instant deposits on our site are no problem. You only need to make a few taps on the screen and wait mere seconds while the payment is being processed and then start betting real money.

Are there any casino games that are better on mobile phones?

Video slots are the most popular games on mobile casinos because it’s easier to play them on small screens. Also, you don’t need to be really skilled to play them. But still it depends on you what games to play. They are the same on both desktops and phones, so you can choose whatever you like most.

Do mobile online casinos drain data a lot?

Most of the casinos are supposed to take up little mobile data. They are designed specifically for that: there are less flashing animations and graphic features so they load faster. That’s why you may not worry about spending all money on mobile internet.

Is withdrawing from an online casino possible on phones?

It is of course possible to withdraw money from a mobile casino because winning is one of the most important points when gambling online.

Can the same account be used for desktop and mobile online casinos?

While you are using the same website it is possible to have one account for any device.

Are mobile casinos secure for playing?

In short: yes, but only as long as you are using our website for choosing a casino to play at. All the casinos on our site have been closely and properly studied and approved, so your data is 100% safe.

Is it possible to play without money on a mobile online casino?

 A lot of casinos offer free games for their new players, so yes, it is certainly possible. You can start with them and then move on to betting real money.


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