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VIP Casinos – Try Yourself

If you like an extraordinary combination of risk and luxury, if you can’t imagine your life without gambling, if you would like to be treated as a VIP person – in one word if you dream about it all and want to get it staying at home, we will explain what you need. So, if you:

  • play big;
  • like huge wagers;
  • prefer special treatment;
  • often make large deposits;
  • have a possibility to gamble continuously —

VIP online casino is waiting for you!

Why Should You Choose VIP Online Casino

Some players prefer to start gambling and risk large sums of money. Of course, you can do it in brick-in-mortar casinos but there you will have to wait for a long time before you’ll be able to get the VIP treatment. The process is quicker in online casinos.

Every bet gives you comp points (complementary points). Casinos award loyal players with them for free, so the more you play the more comps you can get. After accumulating a certain amount of them you can get cash for them and continue to play. Mind that usually this cash can be used only for playing casino games. The more you play the more points you get, and the quicker you will become a VIP member.

All VIP programs are based on reaching different game levels. Only then you will be able to get a VIP membership and use special features. Getting a VIP status in a real land-based casino will take more time, money and efforts in comparison to the online one. The main point is that the progress is faster in online casinos. This is the first main difference between these two kinds of casinos. The second difference touches upon bonus programs that are offered. For instance, brick-in-mortar casinos seldom give you a matchup bonus that is 100% when you make your first deposit while it is common in online casinos. They try to do their best to manage customer needs so the bonus systems are always more flexible online.

Top 6 VIP Casinos

We have carefully checked a great variety of online casinos and their VIP programs and have chosen the best ones for you. Most of them offer similar programs and rewards, so we advise you to take a look at them and, perhaps, to pick one that suits you best of all.

  1. JackpotCity. VIP/premium membership in this well-known casino is really great! It is the leader of the game industry, and thousands of people visit its site every day. You get the newest and exclusive promotions, moreover, there will be a personal assistant ready to help24/7. If you have got any problems: with making a deposit or withdrawal, getting a piece of information, etc. you can contact not only the support but also your assistant. Besides, alongside with a great number of bonuses (more than in any online casino) JackpotCity offers the best welcome bonus – up to $1600 (it’s divided into 4 deposits) when you make the first deposit. It is rather easy to become a VIP member there – just take part in the loyalty program on a scheduled basis. You don’t have to deposit a great amount of money immediately because you will get loyalty points for every bet (after making the first deposit). The number of bonuses and perks increases according to the number of points you have got. You begin as a Blue member (0 points and bonuses) and you have a possibility to become a Diamond member (20% tier bonus) when you get more than 60 thousand loyalty points. There are 6 levels all in all. You can cash the points whenever you‘d like.
  2. 21.com. A great welcome bonus after the first deposit, a special bonus for newcomers on their way of getting a VIP membership (900 free spins if you play regularly within 90 days on Vampires vs Wolves), weekly and monthly promotions for standing customers, and a lot of other perks – that’s what this casino offers. Just come and try!
  3. Playamo. The more you gamble the more promotions and bonuses you will be offered. After making the first deposit you get 20 free spins for the first 5 days of uninterrupted playing. The number of free spins doesn’t depend on the sum of your deposit. There are weekly promotions on Fridays and Mondays.
  4. WooCasino. This casino does everything to keep its customers playing. It offers a weekly reload bonus (60 free spins and a 50% match), a daily slot race (a certain amount of cash and 800 free spins during a week), a live race and a regular lottery. If you get a VIP membership, you’ll be able to win great sums.
  5. Rocket. Regular gamblers can get a lot of promotions: 200 Club, VIP Scheme, Trophy Challenges, etc. Promotions are changed every week, so don’t forget to check them periodically.
  6. Tangiers. Everyday promotions for returning players! You have a chance to get something practically 7 days a week! Monthly bonuses are also available. Besides Tangiers has a grand VIP tournament for those who have made a $500 deposit. The first place receives $10,000.

Benefits and Bonuses for VIP Online Casino Players

Being a VIP member of an online casino gives a lot of advantages:

  • Exclusive offers are available.
  • The withdrawal time diminishes. VIP customers get their money in shorter terms.
  • Wagering requirements are lower.
  • You get better promotions, rewards and unique bonuses, for example, more free money or spins, etc.
  • You will have a personal manager for solving various game issues. All your questions will be answered at once, you won’t have to ask the support and wait.
  • Specific events are often organized only for VIPs.

All in all, the widest range of games will be available for you. Some casinos even give their VIP members a chance to test the games that haven’t been released yet. So VIP membership makes you special.

Some Drawbacks of VIP Membership

Of course, nothing in the world is perfect, so even a VIP membership has some drawbacks. It’s better to be fully aware of them.

Perhaps, it is the most difficult requirement. A person must be ready to spend a great amount of money while trying to become a VIP. It is impossible to get special treatment without making big deposits (once or during a certain period of time). Frankly speaking, a lot of people gamble in online casinos just for the sake of fun and spending their free time. And they are not ready to risk and leave in the casino huge sums of money.

The VIP status has to be kept. Whenever you stop constantly making large deposits or make a break in playing, you have a chance to lose everything and start again from the very beginning. On the whole, you are supposed to play about 3-5 hours a day. Can you afford it?

You may get physically and emotionally drained because of the stress and emotional pressure you get. When you bet the farm you can lose almost everything if you are not lucky. That is why you will always have to keep in mind the sum you can afford to waste. Remember about it and don’t allow yourself to turn your entertainment into a stress.

As you see, even though online VIP casinos have some small minuses they are outweighed by the benefits you can get. Only read the conditions attentively, consider all pros and contras carefully and enter the world of luxury and great winnings.

VIP Online Casino Programs – What Is Special

Usually, gamers begin with small bets and, of course, they at once get some benefits from the casino: deposit and non-deposit bonuses, match bonuses, free spins. However, they are temporary. For instance, the welcome bonus is given only once, others are rather seldom. But if it is not enough for you, if you would prefer to get privileges any time you enter the casino site, you have a great possibility to skip to another, higher level – VIP membership.

What is the main thing in VIP programs? It’s practically a motto: play more – get more. Increasing the sum of your deposits you climb higher and higher and your winnings are bigger and bigger. At the last stage you get the greatest status and all the possible benefits: the highest rewards, the most comfortable conditions of cashing out, access to special events and parties.

How to Become a VIP Player

The process of getting a VIP membership is not extremely complicated, but it takes a long time. The main requirement is playing on the regular basis and spending huge sums of money. Placing a great single bet will not do. Thus, you must prove that you are a consistent customer and that you are ready to spend great amounts of money constantly.

You must be patient and ready to play every day for about 3-5 hours. Try to work out a pattern for your bets and keep on your schedule strictly. In this case, you will be identified as a potential VIP member. Then you will be contacted by the customer service. They will give you all necessary explanations and answer all your questions.

The Best Games for the Best VIP Players

So, you decided to get a VIP status. You have enough money and time for it, and you are ready to gamble every day. Then another problem appears: what games to choose? Where will you be able to win more? What are the criteria for choosing the games: according to their kinds, popularity, possible winnings?

It is difficult to advise some certain games, for instance, such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps, etc. That’s not the point. The main thing you must pay attention to is the RTP. It is better to look for games with high RTP. The higher it is the more chances to win you have. But don’t expect to get high rewards because usually gambles get smaller ones while playing games with a high RTP ratio.

You can get bigger rewards if you play games with lower RTP but the possibility of winning a great prize is very low in this case. Besides, you have a chance to lose control and be short of cash as a result. That’s why it would be better to concentrate on games with a higher RTP.

The RTP depends on the operator of the casino, so before choosing the place for gambling, study its site carefully and learn all the details.

Software Providers for VIP Casinos

Of course, only the best software providers deal with VIP casinos. We will tell a bit about some brands, but we are sure that you already know them. These are real experts in the game industry and they have been working successfully in this sphere for a long time. A great number of operators use the games powered by them. If you see their names, you can start gambling without any doubts: everything will be honest, fair and transparent. Now, these famous names are:

  • Netent.
  • Microgaming.
  • RTG.

Both professional players and newcomers highly appreciate their games for splendid graphics, natural sounds, incredible effects and vivid animations. All the games are carefully checked, and we can certainly say that their quality is superb. The latest releases and the newest games alongside with famous well-proven ones are at the disposal of our VIP members.

Banking Methods for VIP Players

Gambling is impossible without payments. This is the main reason for visiting online casino sites and risking money. Winning money is the aim of all gamblers. That is why first of all they pay attention to the payment options this or that casino offers. Reliability is one of the criteria for choosing a VIP online casino.

Usually casinos expand the list of payment methods for their VIP members. But studying them you must take into account one thing: in standard situations the payment method for making a deposit must coincide with the method of withdrawal (or withdrawing will be impossible). You will have to use several deposit methods for making withdrawals available using any of them. However, VIP membership allows to withdraw necessary sums of money regardless of the deposit method you have chosen. Of course, it is faster and more convenient. Some casinos make fees lower for VIPs – it depends on the policy of the organization.

The most preferable and well-known payment options are:

  • Neteller.
  • PayPal.
  • Skrill.
  • Maestro.
  • PaysafeCard.
  • MasterCard.
  • VISA.

As you see, VIP membership significantly broadens the players’ options and provides leeway to betting and gambling on high stakes.

VIP Casinos – You Get Real Money Quickly

Returning to the question: what is better – an online casino or a land-based one? Entering a usual casino you can enjoy the peculiar atmosphere of luxury, gambling and risk, you can get free snacks and drinks.

But now due to modern technologies the decorations and atmosphere of online VIP casinos are no worse. Moreover, it will take a long time to become a VIP in brick-and-mortar casinos, otherwise you have got a lot of money and always make the highest stakes. VIP membership in online casinos is offered within a shorter period of time. Besides, you will get more promotions, perks and special offers. For instance, you will often strike progressive jackpots, get access to better exclusive bonuses that are larger than in land-based casinos, etc.

Thus, you will save efforts, time and money, and very soon you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of the VIP status.


What does a VIP Program mean?

Those who have got VIP membership are able to get more bonuses and promotions. Besides, they are huger than usual ones. The VIPs can take part in exclusive events, tournaments, lotteries, etc. They also have personal managers that are available round-the-clock. All in all, a VIP or high-roller program is aimed to fulfill the requirements and accommodate the wishes of the most valuable customers – experienced bettors that spend huge amounts of money and gamble regularly.

Is there any difference between the VIP program and the regular games?

Regular gambling is not bad when you don’t plan to spend great sums of money. Of course, you get bonuses and promotions. But as a VIP member you will get a lot more. Bonuses, free money, winnings – everything is increased for VIPs. This program is based on special treatment for those who gamble continuously. They also can visit special events and have a personal manager.

How can I take part in a VIP program?

Every online casino has its own rules and requirements. Usually everything depends on the amount of money you bet and on the time you spend gambling. The more high bets you make and the more money you spend the faster you will be able to obtain a VIP status. In any way you will be informed by the support team. For more information read the terms and conditions or the VIP program page on the casino site.

Do I need to make a minimum deposit?

By all means, you will have to spend a considerable sum of money. Different casinos have different rules: sometimes it is enough to make one great deposit, in other casinos you can place smaller amounts of money on deposit gradually.

If I become a VIP what kind of benefits will I get?

An increased number of promotions, more free money and spins, higher sums of awards, quick cashback, a personal assistant, a possibility to take part in special events and so on and so forth. Just try and you won’t regret!

Can you name the casinos that offer the most advantageous VIP programs?

We placed the list of such casinos on our page. Our team has carefully checked each of them. They all are licensed, have a great selection of games, convenient payment methods, and the most beneficial offers for VIPs. We regularly update this list.

Is gambling in Canadian online VIP casinos legal?

Undoubtedly! There is only one strict requirement: you must be older than 18.


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