American roulette

American rouletteWhile still a popular game to play, many casino enthusiasts seem to be wary of playing American roulette. This might be due to the simple fact that it has an extra digit: the double zero. That being said, hundreds of players continue to strike it lucky when playing American roulette, so there’s no reason to invest in the rumours. If anything, it can be seen as a challenge. The rules are generally the same in either version of the game, but we always recommend getting to know these before placing any bets. If you’re a bit stuck, have a look at our rules section which unpacks some of the guidelines when it comes to playing this much-loved game.

European roulette

European rouletteAll roulette games have a similar objective, however, games like European roulette differ to both American and French versions of the game. This has to do with the bets available. While all three versions have a spinning wheel to determine an outcome, European roulette offers bets on odd and even, red and black, numbers 0 to 36 and a few other outcomes. Some might say it’s a simpler version of roulette to play than others, which might make it the perfect version to try out if you’re relatively new to the game. That being said, a number of different European roulette games will be available at any given online casino, but this has more to do with offering players a variety of layout and feature options than anything else.

French roulette

franch rouletteSeeing as roulette means ‘little wheel’, it only seems fitting that one could dub French roulette as being the truest form of the game available to play. Like European roulette, French roulette also offers numbers 0 to 36 to bet on, but a limited amount of other bets compared to both its European and American counterparts. The reason players like to bet on French roulette might have to do with the fact that the odds of winning are higher than American roulette, which is thanks – in part – to fewer numerical digits on the table. For an authentic table game experience, our bet is on a game of French roulette!


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